Email Scam!!!

December 01, 2020

(Updated December 1, 2020)

We have had a NEW and BOLSTERED attempt from hackers and spambots to solicit funds from the good people of our synod.   They are posing as Bishop Kevin Strickland.   We are aware of this and you can report these emails per the instructions below.

We appreciate you being aware of this issue and NOT responding to requests from those posing as Bishop Strickland.  Do NOT reply to these emails.  

Please read original news item below...from May 2020.

Peace,  Pr. Michael Jannett, Assistant to the Bishop for Formation and Communication

+ + + + +

Please be aware that we have had another email scam come to our attention at the synod office.

It looks like this:


Hi, how are you doing?

I need a favor from you, email me as soon as you get this message.

(Or, I'm on a Zoom right now.  Can you get some gift cards to my staff?  I want to surprise them with some bonuses.)

God Bless,

Bishop. Kevin Strickland


DO NOT REPLY. This is a scam looking for your to buy gift cards. THIS IS NOT FROM BISHOP STRICKLAND nor is it from the synod office.

Someone is creating an email address that mimics Bishop Strickland's email address and asking for you to "email him back" or "asking if you can purchase gift cards for him or on his behalf."

Please report this to

The synod has already reported this as a phishing scam.

Thank you for your help!