Southeastern Synod ELCA

Congregations and the Call Process

Congregations Currently in the Call Process

Go here to see a list of congregations/ministries in the Southeastern Synod currently in the call process.

About the Call Process

When a congregation’s pastor or deacon resigns, the synod staff partner with congregational lay leaders and initiate what we refer to in the ELCA as the “call process”.  The call process is an intentional time of prayerful partnership between the bishop’s staff and the congregation’s leaders.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is active in this time of leadership transition working through both the congregation and the synod staff to clarify the congregation’s purpose and mission in the community and to identify leaders who God may be calling to serve a congregation into the future.

Reverend Dale Sillik and Reverend Ben Moravitz are the primary synod staff who work with congregations and ministries in the call process.  Reverend Sillik works with most congregations in Georgia and Reverend Moravitz works with congregations in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and a few in Georgia.  They work in close partnership with Bishop Gordy and, when appropriate, with our synod’s Directors for Evangelical Mission, Mr. Wayne Fell and Reverend John Mocko.  Learn more about our staff here.

Two primary resources used during the call process are the Southeastern Synod’s Call Process Manual and the Compensation Guidelines.  The Call Process Manual provides a helpful overview to those who want to familiarize themselves with the process, as well as a detailed description of what happens throughout for congregation leaders who are working through the process.  The Compensation Guidelines provide guidance for determining appropriate compensation and benefits for rostered ministers.