Southeastern Synod ELCA

Committees & Task Forces

Members of Committees and Task Forces

Use the links below to see the current members and chairpersons of the synod's committees and task forces, including the Synod Council. Groups are listed in alphabetical order by name.

Advocacy Policy Council

Audit Committee

Budget & Finance Committee

Campus Ministry Team

Candidacy Committee

Compensation Guidelines Committee

Consultation Committee

Credentials Committee (2019 Assembly)

Disaster Ministry Committee

Discipline Committee

Elections Committee (2019 Assembly)

Executive Committee

Global Mission Committee

Kessler Scholarship Committee

Minutes Committee (2019 Assembly)

Mission Outreach and Renewal Committee

Mutual Ministry Committee

Nominating Committee

Personnel Committee

Reference & Counsel Committee (2019 Assembly)

SE Lutheran Holding Corp. Directors

Synod Assembly Committee

Synod Council

Worship Ministries Team

Youth Ministry Team

More About Committees and Task Forces

Many of the ministries within the Southeastern Synod are done through synod committees and task forces, made up of members throughout our four states. Committees have ongoing responsibilities that often extend over many years. In contrast, task forces may be formed to deal with a specific issue or as a preliminary step prior to becoming a regular committee. Additional details about committees and task forces are provided below:

  • How to Request Formation of a New Committee/Task Force. The Synod Council establishes new committees and task forces, often in response to requests from congregations or individual members. The process for creating a new committee / task force may be started by completing the request form available using the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

  • Volunteer to Serve on a Committee or Task Force. The Synod Council also appoints the membership of committees and task forces. Those who are interested in serving on one of these groups are encouraged to volunteer. The link in this paragraph is to an online form for this purpose.

  • Information Especially for Chairpersons. This link contains a variety of information helpful to committee and task force chairpersons, compiled into a Frequently Asked Questions document, which addresses issues such as how to access approved funding, how and when to send reports to the Synod Council, and who to contact for more information.

  • Template for Reports to the Synod Council. Sometimes committees and task forces do not know what to periodically report to the Synod Council. Though not required, committees and task forces are welcome to use the Word template, provided here for their reports.

  • Questions? If you need additional information or have a question about synod committees or task forces, please e-mail